About Brandon Roth

Brandon Roth is a professional artist living in San Diego, CA. He recieved his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from Arizona State University. Prior to his leap as an independent artist, Brandons career took him down the path of furniture design, product development, graphic design and engineering. His love for everything hand built is what eventually motivated him to pursue his current path. Drawing on this diverse background of occupations as well as his relentless work ethic, Brandon has created art that graces art collectors homes, businesses and public spaces. His current sculptural work can be described as refined large scale pop art. Mixing elements of nature with easily recognizable metaphors, his work is smart and straightforward.

Being a multi-faceted artist, Brandon Roth transitions between his joy of design and fabrication to his passion for fine art. His paintings reflect his sculptures in there ability to tell a story, and inflict an emotion. His work has made a diverse transition since his first solo show in 2009. In his words “every time I paint, I’m redefining myself and redefining what it is I’m trying to accomplish.” Although the style is constantly evolving, it’s safe to say his work emits a timeless relevancy that has collectors drawing some impressive comparisons. Brandon is not afraid of any medium. His style reflects a confidence that seems to transition seamlessly from one medium to the next. Be it metal or wood, plaster or paint, he’s going to do what he does best, create.